Welcome to the world of TerraMacs, a small but growing New Zealand based manufacturer of Trenchless Equipment.

So what’s Trenchless Equipment, I hear you say!

Well in a nutshell, Trenchless machines install utilities such as gas, electric, water, telecommunications, etc underground, without the effort of digging up the ground to do so. Of course, by avoiding the pitfalls of open trenching, the use of Trenchless Equipment eliminates many of the  environmental and economic downsides and in this age of  ‘green’ focus the carbon footprint of Trenchless is smaller. The machines can even do some smart stuff like steering around existing utilities or obstacles and of course we can go under roads, buildings, rivers etc with no problem.

Sound interesting, then have a look at our website ( www.terramacs.co.nz ) or stay tuned in and we will keep you updated about us.

We plan to cover and discuss a wide range of related topics through this our first venture into Blog land but we specifically plan to focus on providing some insight into how we develop product, how our products are used and how we develop our marketing around the world as we endevaour to grow our company.




One Response to “About”

  1. John Beau said

    i would like to see some more pictures of the mini mac being used in the field and various ways it is transported

    i am considering purchasing for my business but cannot find any owners in australia (sydney) i can contact.

    i would really love to see one up close

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